February 16, 2012

What I Want

When I am in the UK next month, I am sure a bit of my time will be spent sourcing things I can’t buy in the States, but that are common in the UK.

There are some wallpapers I’ve been wanting for ages, and you can find them at the UK equivalent of Lowe’s or Home Despot. I wrote about them here.
B&Q1 B&Q2

This is called La Vie Ordinaire, and it has scenes from London, New York and Paris. It’s £19.98 a roll, which is about $35.00. Not bad.

And I love this one, Birds on a Wire, with small birds with Union Jacks all over them.
B&Q3 B&Q4

I hope to talk Yonks into taking me to some of her favourite vintage haunts around Cardiff… but she might not let me in on all of her secrets!yonksOf course, I will be coming home with lots of UK shelter magazines, which I love, as well as some of this, which I also love.


  1. How exciting that you will meet the beautiful and charming Dianne from Yonks. I know I would be just happy to sit and visit with her.
    The wallpaper is great

    Have a wonderful time

    Helen x

  2. Believe it or not, there aren't that many vintage haunts around Cardiff. There's the Pump House, I'm sure you remember that one, but all the small antique places have fallen by the wayside over the years. If you are still in Wales on a Sunday we can go to an auction in Caerleon. How do you fancy that?

  3. Grinding my teeth with happiness for your trip.

    lucky bird you are.

    Love the wallpaper.

    Will be waiting for the posts written when you're feeling no pain:)

    xo jane

  4. Hi Meg, I know that you will have an amazing time........that said, I did notice that that concoction indicated on its label "could be addictive"........I can't quite imagine an over-the-counter remedy like that available in USA. But then, the British are really tough.
    Have a great week-end. Mary

  5. We're going in May! Booked our flights last night! Can't wait. Hope you have fun.

  6. From the top picture I take it scimitars are popular in the UK? That thing looks deadly.

  7. Turling... it's actually a small fish knife with an ivory handle. it's barely sharp enough to cut soft butter. it's used more for separating fish than cutting it.


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