February 7, 2012


I just received a press release announcing that Condé Nast will publish a Domino special edition entitled Quick Fixes, in April 2012.

This is huge news to all of the Domino fans who are still mourning its demise several years ago.Domino June 06Domino Quick Fixes will be available on national newsstands from April 17 through July 16, 2012, for $10.99. A second special edition is scheduled for the fall.Domino Oct 06

“This special edition of Domino is another example of Condé Nast’s objective to bring brands to life across multiple platforms, and give consumers more of what they love in new and exciting ways, said Thomas J. Wallace, editorial director at Condé Nast. “Domino Quick Fixes will be a treasure trove of useful and creative information, and a must-read for any Domino fan.”

From Condé Nast press release.


  1. Do you know how I can get a hold of one here in Belgium or the UK?


  2. Angela... the magazine won't be available anywhere until mid-April.

  3. That is good news! I will have to remember to pick it up in April.

  4. Now that's happy news.

    Wait till they see how many issues they sell.

    I just asked my roommate for extra ties, he looks baffled but is off to his closet.

    xo J.

  5. There are SO many Domino fans out there...let's hope they print enough to go round! I look forward to it!

  6. Wonder why SOMEBODY can't figure out how to revive Southern Accents!!! I am STILL grieving!

  7. $11.00? That's almost as crazy as OKL. Also, this won't be the same Domino. All the staff has dispersed. It will just be the same name, unless they are reprinting old articles. Have you noticed that House Beautiful is poorly edited lately? You can tell from the articles in the front of the book. The layouts are bad, and the colors of the items they are highlighting don't work with each other. Sometimes the articles about new fabrics are just jarring. It almost looks like "one of these things is not like the others." Ann

  8. I guess this is good news. But Conde Nast is going to have to do more if they are going to make up for all of their dumb decisions in recent years.


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