February 14, 2012

OKL: Lessons Not Learned

So, I am tired, and had a little too much champagne at supper, I twisted my knee while being chased by a dog, and almost got run down by a baby deer this morning, so this is a toss-off post because I am going to bed early(ish).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Have people not learned that with only the scantest bit of effort, they can find things like this,OKL7and this,OKL6

at their local thrift shop or on Etsy, for a small portion of the price that this Tastemaker on OKL is asking. You might notice that they’re both SOLD OUT! I am totally in the wrong business!!

I wrote about OKL’s crazy tennis racquets here and here, and insane Ball jars here.


  1. How do they get away with it? I really want to know. The whole business of pricing vintage items is just crazy.

  2. the baby deer took advantage of you after you twisted your knee? wow bambi and trsmp are not so warm and fuzzy. Hopw the knee doesn't swell have you no mace or pepper spray???

  3. Gosh! Sounds as if you need one of those tennis rackets for protection. Sweet Dreams, M

  4. Sorry to hear about your knee, you probably needed medicinal champagne.
    The phrase "run down by a baby deer" is both confusing and amusing. Do elaborate.

  5. One problem with examples like these is that it casts doubt on the prices they place on other items. It really damages their credibility.

    Hope you wake up feeling better.

  6. Meg I hope you feel better soon, we do need a video of you and the deer though.

    As far as OKL whoever is buying this stuff, will you please adopt me!?


    Art by Karena

  7. Loved Karena's final comment...ditto! Hope your knee is better upon awakening this morning! That deer story is STILL a shocker!!! OKL is ridiculous with these offerings at these prices!

  8. OKL customers are seriously demented to pay those prices.

  9. What does one do with old tennis racquets?- and as far as those jars, I have cases of them from my great-grandmother's house - Any takers?

  10. Hi Meg,
    You are convincing me that I have spent 20+years becoming a knowledgeable higher-end antiques dealer for naut. To sell out those blue mason jars??? What's more, to even consider selling them on your website??
    I do hope that your knee gets better FAST!! And no more encounters with baby deers---what does Connor think of your misadventures?

  11. Do they really sell out? Do they just post them as sold? How would we know? I agree it damages their credibility on other items to put these prices out there.

  12. Hope you're feeling better after your run in with the local fauna.

    I just went to look at that sale and it's filled with similar kinds of craziness. It really affects their credibility.

  13. Even champagne cannot dull the shock of those prices. As for minor wounds, well, more champagne is called for!

    Hugs to Connor.

  14. This seems to be aimed at people with more $ than brains...people who are living in an alternate reality, trapped in their gated communities with no personal taste, only buying goods sanctioned by designers and OKL. Nuts.

    Wrong business indeed.


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