February 5, 2012

The Shops: Housewerks

I haven’t been to Housewerks as much since I moved more than a few city blocks from them, but I stopped in on Friday to drop something off there, and I will also be there on the 18th for a wedding party.

There’s always so much to see at Housewerks, and this hilarious bench greeted me on my way in. I love the play on words, with the carriage trade, meaning both posh families, and people with babies in carriages. Very clever.

There were a couple of sinks out back.This great old porcelain one would be great for a laundry room, and this steel one would rock in the right kind of kitchen!It would work perfectly with my steel kitchen counter/desk.

If you’ve been reading Pigtown*Design for a while, you know I found the optimal shoe holder, but this would come in a close second.  I’d swap out the numbers for the names of the shoes therein.

This table was amazing. It came from an old printers, and the table is wood with a stone top for rolling out the inks. Ben and Tracey added wheels to make it a little easier to move, since it weighs a ton!

And I do love the candle-holder that’s on top of the table. I hope it’s still around to use during the party later this month.

One of the most amazing pieces at Housewerks this time was this incredible dresser and a bed-frame. The dresser’s workmanship is so fine that the insides of the drawers are made from birds-eye maple, which is generally used for the main part of a piece.

The inlay on these pieces is so detailed.

The head- and footboards of the bed are very unusually styled, but would certainly be a statement piece in any bedroom.

And the reason I stopped by Housewerks? To drop off a crate for Tracey’s new little baby.LollyPop

Meet LollyPup!


  1. Meg, you could always have a side career as a pet photographer.

  2. Thanks, but can't take credit for this one! His mummy took it. He just arrived on Sunday afternoon. Totally adorable!

  3. Love your pics ...especially the puppy! That dresser is really exquisite

  4. The pencil collection is to die for!

  5. WHat a wonderful place--that bench makes me contemplate a drive to Baltimore> Adorable pup.

  6. I don't have room for even a pillow in my house BUT if I have a foot to spare I'd be off to Housewerks in a heartbeat.

    Ohhhh, that new baby.

    xo jane

  7. Very cute pup! I will venture a guess that in 2 months that dog will be ENTIRELY too large for that tiny tiny pet carrier. Were I the new family I would start searching online for a good Life Stages wire crate, preferably with 2 doors, one on the end, one on the side. We only use small carriers like the one you dropped off to transport cats and very small dogs to the vet.

    Such cool stuff at Housewerks! I could spend the ENTIRE day there, peering into every nook and cranny!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lolly looks very assured and ready for the world.

    Seeing the Koontz bench made me think of another Baltimore dairy, Cloverland. They had a snappy jingle in the early 60s, which I'd be happy to sing to you. Maestro?

    "Milk and butter
    and eggs and cheese
    fresh from the farm to you.
    If you don't own a cow
    call Cloverland now
    It's NOrth 9-2222."

  9. Meg, Lolly is so adorable.

    I love to see the latest at Housewerks, that bed and dresser IS amazing. I would love the Printer's Table. I am sure it would cost a fortune just to ship it!

    Art by Karena

  10. What fabulous finds at Housewerks(adore the name) + that Lollypup is adorable. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  11. Tish.....did you ever take the field trip in elementary school to Cloverland? I seem to remember doing so at lest once during my years at Lutherville School....

  12. Mink80... Anyone who grew up in Baltimore, and it older than 40 now, did that, I am sure! I remember it.

  13. Yes, Mink80, I took a field trip with my kindergarten class and guess who was there that day? Miss Nancy!!! She told me I was "wearing a very pretty dress," which put me in orbit and I've had delusions of grandeur ever since.


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