February 1, 2012


Okay… here’s the final iteration, using suggestions from commentorati.2012 invitation GHD copy Jackie suggested Edwardian as the font I was searching for, and it was just the thing.EDWARDIANEllen @ I Love Lime Green suggested I not use E. Lexington, but East Lexington, so I changed that.

Tish mentioned that no time was noted, and it was on the reverse of the card which was not on the original post. sticker_4.5x4.5Tracey @ BAF suggested making the titles stand out a little more, so I raised the font size.

As I mentioned before, e-mail me here if you’d like to be added to the mailing list for this great event!

Thanks for your help! It takes a blog to design an invitation!


  1. I just love this...your work is lovely! Now, keep us posted about the event, as well as what happens to the building once someone buys it. Man I love Bmore...such character. And the buildings have it, too!

  2. More bravo, more standing ovation, more go girl! The only thing holding a candle to this creation of yours today is:



  3. It looks wonderful!
    How much work and detail goes into it all!
    I would add myself to the list just to receive the invitation.... but alas I can't make it! : (


  4. I love it but am I the only one bothered that the font is spelled as "Ewardian"?

  5. It's because I am a dork and can't spell! I knew it looked funny, but was in a hurry!

  6. It looks great- the pattern appears less busy as the print on the bottom balances it! Please put us on the list.

  7. I absolutely love the final product! And I've loved reading about the process. Thanks for sharing!

  8. It's splendid! Very well done. But I'm troubled by the inconsistent capitalization and lack of series commas. I'm a writer-editor and I started out as a copy editor at Oxford University Press. My first copy chief always said be consistent throughout---if you're wrong, it'll be easier to correct. Also, small caps for p.m.


  9. Thanks for the comment, Janet. One thing with the font is that I can't small cap, so it means fiddling with font sizes and leading.

  10. Great job, it looks impressive!


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