September 19, 2011

*UPDATE* Madonna to Re-edit WE Film

Reports say that Madonna has agreed to re-edit her film on Wallis+Edward after ghastly reviews at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. edward-viii-and-wallis-simpsonAs you might remember, the reviews were scathing, including this great line, “Madonna’s direction is so all over the shop that it barely qualifies as direction at all.”

Madonna said, “Maybe it needs a bit of this and a bit of that, and maybe it is still a work in progress," adding: "For God's sake, I hope it's over with soon!”

Word has it that the film may lose as much as 10 minutes of running time.

You can read some details here, and be SURE to read the comments… They are hilarious.


  1. Everyone's a critic! But it is true, I am sure, that Madonna must have been suffering from delusions to ever think she could direct a major film. And I say that as a fan of her music.

  2. Stop the distracting passion flower Madonna drivel we want the low down on the continuing saga of mini blind repair and the Conner not wanting to be cornered at home alone. Our short term memories are not that bad.

  3. Anon@14:45... House is barricaded and all the windows are closed. I just cringe when ever my phone rings though!

    I borrowed a crate from a friend over the weekend and will set it up tonight. I am going to put his favourite blanket and one of his babies in it, and see what he does. There's no point in me forcing him to get in it.

    I zipped out for about 10 minutes Saturday morning and came home to find one of the sets of curtains pulled down.

    Sometimes, I think it's just spite. Other times, I can't even imagine what it is.

  4. I used to have a dog, a lovely yellow & white English Pointer that I got from a rescue organization. I even had a black & white female to keep him company. And he got to be outside - BUT, even with a 6 ft fence, he would jump it if I wasn't right there with him. He even jumped it once when I was. And then he'd run. Often times I would be running down the street after him calling him. He would stop, look back at me and then run faster in the opposite direction. He had a good home with us and love us, but he just HAD to run. One day, I didn't find him again. When I finally caught his trail, it was too late for my poor lovely Max. Good luck with Connor's craving.

  5. I am sure that I will be booed for this comment but I do not like the Windsors and never have. I have read many books on booth of them and he seems like a simpering idiot and she like a domineering divorcee that was a party animal and although she was interested in the Prince did not want him for the long haul.

    As for Madona, I like some of her music. I certainly admire someone who thinks they can do it all but what happens when you clearly cannot? Who has the balls to tell you and do you listen?

    I am sorry about the curtains. I feel bad for Connor. I hope he likes the crate as a safe haven.

  6. Crating sounds so cruel, but sometimes it, or a variation of it, actually works. I sometimes house sit with a Papillon who has separation anxiety. When a year old, she could not be left roaming the house alone when the owners were gone--she would literally chew on the corners of wood stair steps. She was first crated (with comfy pillow and chew toy), door left open, in a small area cordoned off in the finished lower floor of the house. As she has gotten older, the cordoned off area is a little larger, and she seems to know when you open the door to the stairway going downstairs that you are going out and she will lead you directly to her crate and settle in. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  7. Hi Meg,
    Oh dear, I am a little behind with reading your posts. Poor doggie. I have heard that locking in a crate can have marvellous results, maybe if you start it whilst you are there, I don't know.

    I loved the comments on the WE article, as you said hilarious. I love potty humour, especially the idea of glittering!!!

    Still LOLLING :-)

  8. I think it's funny how we don't give a hoot about Madonna, but that's another matter.

    I had the usual view on the Windsors growing up, but as I've gotten older, I've softened towards her. She possessed incredible discipline, and you can't diminish that. Impeccable taste. I guess I'm reluctant to trash a Baltimore girl.

  9. P.S. I just remembered this. It must be forty years, but a fashion mag...was it Queen or Tatler? Did a fashion spread using Angelica Huston as the Duchess. I wonder if those photos are online? They should be.

    P.S. Wallis loved mixing Mitsouko with L'Heure Bleue. I love them both.

  10. Crating isn't cruel. My friend has wheaton terriers who have been crated all of their lives. They have a huge field to run in and they LOVE their crates when they come in, though they aren't confined unless my friend is leaving the house. They repair to the crates when it thunders, they go in all on their own whenever they know she is leaving the house, and MUST feel secure there. They nap in there when they could nap on cushions in the living room or on the sofas.

    I think the Windsors were both glamorous and HORRID. Do you remember them in Any Human Heart? I think that is pretty much who they were. She had GREAT jewelery though! Oh Gosh. Or was it just Waaaaaaay over the top bad taste? Sometimes I don't know the difference!! LOL!!

  11. Wishing you tons of luck with Connor. As for W&E--I'm with the pack: couldn't care less: they seemed to be so self-absorbed as to be boring. Mary

  12. I certainly hope she isn't editing the film. No wonder it is a disaster! :) I doubt she'd let David Fincher sing back up on one of her tracks. (Even if he did direct one of her videos)

  13. The Windsors were awful people with natty taste and plenty of money to indulge in waste. Being correct and expensive is not real style, but that's because they were too superficial to be truly stylish. Yet people obsess over them! I agree on Connor, more news is always welcome. But waspish news on inane people is also welcome. Keep mixing it up, Meg!

  14. OMG what comments,they were hilarious! As for Madonna's movie + more shall be revealed.
    Connor: the Thunder Shirt + crate = a happy doggie? keep us posted.

  15. Hello Meg are all things great and small well?

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