September 29, 2011

Grant’s Knockers

Fellow blogger Grant Gibson, has a piece in the New York Times about selecting a door knocker for your front door. knocker1“The design of the door can be pretty basic, but then a door knocker is like a piece of jewelry.”knocker2As I continue the hunt for something for my front door, I will keep Grant’s wise words in mind.


  1. I love decorative hardware. When there is time and budget, I have the hardware custom made. (Actually it is less expensive than the "name" designer hardware). There are great "off the shelf" sources, too, though, especially from the smaller suppliers.

  2. Funny--this has been on my mind lately. Our doorbell broke and my husband hand the idea for and old style manual bell (European) that mounts in the door. I don't know how else to describe it and haven't yet shopped for one but I worry that people would not know how to use one.
    I like it because it takes the place of knocker and bell.

  3. Maybe a labrador door knocker:

  4. There are many beautiful door knockers, I know Baldwin always had lovely ones!


    Art by Karena

  5. Meg, In our collection at Tudor Place, we have the door knocker that once graced Mt. Vernon when GW was there. I'll never forget the day I saw it and was taken aback by it. Never really thought about Mt. Vernon having a door knocker before. But there it was.

    For me, I still carry around a knocker I picked up in France of a woman's hand. Someday I hope to have a door of my own to put it on.

    Best, Lisa

  6. I had a great Medusa door knocker at Braswell however it sold + sooo great looking! Keep looking you will find one soon I am sure.

  7. I've been on the hunt for a while for a really great knocker as well!!


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