September 22, 2011

More OKL-ness

I was looking at the OKL site today and Thom Filicia’s goods are on offer. I have some of his fabrics, and love them. They’re just beautiful and the colours and prints are fabulous. I’ve made pillows from some of the fabrics, and even sold some of them at Gore-Dean. Thom Filicia 1 I adore this print and have it in a few of the colourways. My sister has cushions on her porch benches in this print and colour. Thom Filicia 2 Here’s what I don’t get.Thom Filicia 3 A really blurry, unidentifiable image of some random city. Could be anywhere, no distinguishing features… This is what OKL has to say…

The art on your walls says more about you than almost anything else in your home--it's a pure expression of taste. This vibrant giclée work is a celebration of expression and personal style, straight from Thom’s iPhone® to your wall.

I would worry about what this piece would say about me.  It’s a crappy iPhone picture of New York, ink-jetted onto canvas? Seriously? It’s not even an original signed print.

At least they’ve reduced it from $450 to $299.


  1. The decimal point is missing from the price, don't you think? Some days, I take chuckles any place I can get them.

  2. I'm with you...

    the fabrics are fabulous,
    especially the second one.

    But the artwork?
    I don't get it.
    No matter what they say to pimp it,
    I'm not gonna hang anything like that in my home... nor put it on my phone. ♥

  3. Oh too funny. This tops the clothespins in ridiculousness.

  4. I TOTALLY agree with the first 3 commenters! GEEZ!!! Give me a BREAK!!! Have a nice weekend, Meg.

  5. I'm going to have to resubscribe to OKL. Some of these things are too funny.

  6. They just raised $40 million in venture capital. They need those profits!

  7. I hope OKL reads your blog. The iPhone picture is insulting, regardless of who snapped it.

  8. Meg,

    Love the fabrics, the print, uh, not so much!!

    Art by Karena

  9. I'll take the yellow pillow with the lovely pattern. You can keep the blurry city.

  10. The blog contains informational and educational material. The post enhance my thoughts and experience. So nice!
    I've got to scramble to keep up with your prodigious output!

  11. Art is very objective, or is it subjective.?? Now if you think the artist is in a new medium conveying the jittery coffee infused up all nite go go go lifestyle of new york with this image well to some the picture may say yes a visit to New York was a blur. One has to remember with new technology with digital images the camera does all the work but the human intervention of say blurring or deciding to get up close or cropping it in a way something is left out , or photoshop an image art in the future what will it be?? any way I really wanted to discuss pricing art original art. Size, is a consideration the medium oil vs watercolor (oils last forever dearest oil paintings from the 14th century -get out of here-- ) photography what paper was it printed on etc please what factors do you consider. The Monder Museum of art is filed with stuff that at the time we scoffed at " wait a soup can , you said soup can-- did you...."

  12. I agree. Your taste of art represents you. If you have a sense of beauty then you must be beautiful person.

  13. Why didn't he blur the sky?


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