September 26, 2011

Bryan Ferry: Man of Style

I saw over on To The Manner Born that today is rocker Bryan Ferry’s birthday. If you don’t know, Ferry was the frontman of the band Roxy Music, whose Love is a Drug, Avalon and More Than This rank among the anthems of my college years. bryan-ferry After Robert Palmer, Bryan Ferry was one of the most well-dressed men on the 80’s rock scene, and as Nicky Haslam said, Ferry was more likely to redecorate a hotel room than trash it. bryan-ferry2 His London apartment was featured in the WSJ. Magazine last year and it featured a long interview with Ferry, images of the flat and a video about his newest album, Olympia. bryan-ferry3 Ferry lives in a block of flats in Chelsea whose former residents included some of the most well-known artists of their time, including Whistler, Sargent and Turner. I did a piece on this block of flats, here.

Happy Birthday, Bryan Ferry, and thanks for the memories!


  1. OH yes, Happy Birthday BF-so chic.

  2. Love the music and think he is a true dandy.
    (in a good way)
    I hope Connor has a good week! (You too )

  3. Thanks for the link to the block of flats; how fabulous! Great decorating here; was there a mention of help?

  4. I was listening to Roxy Music last night - haven't played that CD in ages! How odd!

  5. Who knew? Always imagined he'd be naff in that Paul Smith way. What a pleasant surprise.

  6. He's way better looking than his flat! Yummy.

  7. Oh, so right...Memories! You hit it right on with he & Robert Palmer.

  8. I saw Roxy Music perform many times--Ferry always in his white dinner jacket. I still listen to Avalon. It's a classic.

    One would remember that Mick Jagger made off with Bryan's lady love Jerry Hall.

    When Ferry was married, he and his wife had an incredible country home with impeccable landscaping. It turned up often in fashion magazines.

    Last year I sold a cd online to a Marquis that lives in that block. The homes there seem to have such huge windows and flooded with light. Isn't it funny to think of a Marquis buying something on Amazon?

  9. That took me right back to the 80s. I remember my Sis in Law had the biggest crush on him! He's really posh now, married into aristocracy!


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