September 29, 2011

At Last!

After more than 19 inches of rain, three straight weeks of grey rainy days, 100% humidity, one hurricane and one tropical storm, a front finally blew through this afternoon bringing us cool crisp weather and clear skies. 9-5 030 Fall is here now, and it’s my favourite season of the year. The weather has cleared for all sorts of events over the next few days including Art for Land’s Sake at Halcyon Farm, and the 2nd Annual John Gutierrez Memorial Walk on Saturday.

I’ve pulled out my cashmere blankets and throws to drape over the edge of the sofa to ward off the chill… cashmere throws I have a couple of these that I’ve acquired over the years, each in a different weight. The cream one is very heavy and feels fabulous. The pale blue one is huge, so I like to wrap up in it, and the sage green one, a little moth-eaten, is the one that Connor loves.

Do you like the return of fall and the cooler weather? I do!


  1. Yes I do....I can't wait until I can light the fire....xv

  2. I think I'm the only person in the world who does not want to let go of Summer. Perhaps its the lack of cashmere in my life.

  3. Couldn't come soon enough. I was about to expire...

  4. How much longer til spring? I can't stand getting up when its still dark out!!!

  5. Come on cooler in S. CA it is still warm. Rainy season soon + yeah!

  6. I'm in agreement with Kerry. It's hard to let go of summer. The fall is beautiful in Santa Fe, but winter always has an extended visit. The current temps. are in the low 70's, so I will savor the remaining warm days.

  7. I too have had rain, rain and more rain, in fact Wednesday we had massive flooding and more damage to the house in a completely different room. We have had a hurricane, rain, an earthquake and hopefully the locust will not be next. Our weather is still in the high 80's. But they say we may have Fall weather on Sunday. I am going to be dancing a jig!

    I hope that Connor is doing better, he is lucky to have such a beautiful throw to snuggle in on a cold day.

    Enjoy your weekend. Thank you for coming to my blog.

    P.S: On OKL all of the book sets you mentioned sold! I think that could be a new business for someone, old books wrapped in beautiful paper.

  8. Well Connor is probably glad to have the weather calm down. Do you have any blinds left? I think taking them All Down would be the best. I love the fact that you wrap him in cashmere! When my dogs don't feel well, or have had their teeth cleaned at the vet's I wrap them in bath sheets with a heating pad. Maybe I could move up to polar fleece. Ann

  9. Meg it is my very favorite time of year!! I have just posted my dining table for fall entertaining! I must get out the throws as well!

    Art by Karena

  10. We had a cool front come through Houston on Thursday night. On Friday it only got up to 93. NINETY THREE, Meg.

    I am going on strike. The weather will feel my displeasure.

  11. Connor is such a lucky dog. Jones is not allowed near cashmere....Fall has come to So. California, also. We even had a bit of RAIN!!! And it is projected to be in the 60's next week and I'm doing cartwheels. Enjoy. Mary


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