September 6, 2011

Some Thanks + Some Things

First, thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments, great e-mails and supportive FB comments about Connor. He’s always been the Houdini Dog and this most recent episode is his equivalent of getting out of a straight-jacket in handcuffs… which is what he’ll be wearing shortly, along with the collar with his tags on it.poor connor We’re going to have his little black lab baby hold him down so he doesn’t escape again!

In more interesting news, the Guardian (UK) is doing a video series on Britain’s most beautiful buildings all this week. Yesterday, they featured the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, which is a spectacular building. image The various narrators discuss both the architecture and history of the buildings. image Next up is Hampton Court Palace, just 11 miles up the Thames from London, and with a dual history over time.imageFirst it was a palace of Cardinal Wolsey, who then gave it to Henry VIII who then expanded it and made the workers finish it by candle-light.  One hundred and fifty years later, William and Mary put their own baroque spin on the building,image with bits designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Check back on this link all week to see what other buildings the Guardian considers Britain’s Best.

Which building do you consider Britain’s Best?


  1. *** WHEW!!! I was SOOOOOO WORRIED, and NOW I am SOOOOOO H*A*P*P*Y for you both!!!

    *** Plz give that little stinker a huuuuuge WELCOME HOME hug from our girls Belle & Marnie, and of course, me!!! (If you're like ME, you're scared sick when they're "gone"...and then when you see him & get to kiss & hug him, you pause a sec, look him in the eye, and say "You little craphead!! You S*C*A*R*E*D Mommy!".....


    Linda in AZ *

  2. Wolsey didn't really have any choice about giving Hampton Court to Henry VIII - it was confiscated when he failed to get a divorce from the Pope for Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

  3. How happy was he to see you?

    As over the moon as you were I'm sure.

    I was surreptitiously checking my blog list at work yesterday and when I saw he had been recovered I called the Gf and we let out a cheer.

    Tattoo him!

    xo Jane

  4. So glad that Connor is back! I can't imagine how worried you must have been. Good idea to keep plenty of ID on him.

  5. 1. Welcome home Connor!!!

    2. Was that place used in the Harry Potter films? Looks familiar...

  6. Was away. Just saw the past three posts! I can barely imagine your worry and then glee when Connor arrived home. So glad all is well!

  7. I particularly like Hever Castle. It is another connection to Henry VIII via Anne Boleyn. It is small and may not be on their list. The Brighton Pavillion may be and I love that too.

  8. I'm glad to see Connor safely home, and thank you for the link to the video series!

  9. Very happy to hear HoudiniHound has returned! Our hound recently managed to lose all the tags off her collar - how do they do that??? Need to get replacements pronto. Beautiful photos!
    xo Cathy

  10. I am soooooo happy that Mr. Houdini Connor is back home. I can not even imagine the emotional day that you had yesterday. Jones also carries the middle name Houdini and as a lover of all humans, dogs and cats, inspiration to escape is always present. Be well. Hopefully life will be boring for a while. Mary

  11. Oh, dear Condini- I used to see "Tommy" an aged,deaf yellow lab wandering around once or twice a week- to the point I knew his owner's phone number by heart- They could never figure out how he was getting out and finally decided aliens were behind it all

  12. Happy to see Connor home!

    I cannot wiat to go over and check out these videos! As for todays post, the room with the frescos and that staircase look likt the same house that was in the film with Uma Thurman and Nick Nolte I beleive. Could be wrong. In any case it is stunning!

  13. I'm more of a neoclassicist, I'm partial to Queen's House, Greenwich.

  14. Definitely Osterley Park and I love Syon Park tooo-I am a meoclassicist at heart as well.


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