September 28, 2011

Sale @McLain-Wiesand

A little bird at dinner told me that there’s a sale happening at McLain-Wiesand in Baltimore. 01-27 017 Their gorgeous Wedgwood-style table was featured in this month’s Veranda Magazine!Veranda - WedgewoodThere are always such interesting pieces in the shop, so stop on by and check out what they have and what’s on sale!01-27 003Tell’em I sent you.


  1. These guys are sooooooo talented. I hope that you have tagged a couple of items for you and Mr. Connor. Have a super day. Mary

  2. Wow, that portrait is first class - pose, execution - wish I was not 12 hours away and could check the signature - looks like it was painted by someone quite famous - do you have any idea or remember how much was the asking price? As a portrait painter myself and a lifelong student of portraits I really think it is special.

    Suzanne on St. Simons


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