September 26, 2011

Hiding in the City

Have you seen these images of and by Chinese artist Liu Bolin?  They’re really quite extraordinary.Liu_Bolin1 In 2005, Liu Bolin was one of dozens of artists forced to move out of a commune to the north of Beijing when the government decided to dismantle the settlement to make way for redevelopment; Liu-Bolin-002 Bolin painted himself into the scenery in protest.Liu-Bol-009Liu stands still for more than five hours while his assistants paint him into the scenery. Liu-Bolin-004 Nothing is photo-shopped into the picture. One false move and the image is ruined. Liu-B-004 He’s done these “paintings” in cities as varied as New York, Venice and Beijing. Liu-B-007 These and other images are at the Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery in New York until Wednesday, September 28th.


  1. Simply amazing! Very unique works of art!


    Art by Karena

  2. Standing perfectly still --now, that is an art form sooo under rated.

  3. Just watching Nate Berkus... why did they not make the stage ADA with a ramp. That was a big oversight

  4. I have seen this + he is amazing! Thanks

  5. Veruschka (von Lehndorff) used to do this in the seventies following her modeling career.

  6. WOW Meg, these are amazing! THANKS, took my breath away for a moment there :-)

  7. Shouldn't his assistants, then, be credited with the painting? Seems it's their talent, not his, that makes these photos work. Just sayin'.


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