July 15, 2011

Patrick Sutton Home

About a month or so ago, I had lunch with Patrick Sutton, a Baltimore-based decorator who is getting a lot of press on the national and international stage. He’d just returned from Copenhagen where he’d attended the Design Leadership Summit. We had a fascinating conversation which ranged from design in Baltimore to upcoming trends. You can read a recap of the Summit, including quotes from Patrick, here on All The Best.

Patrick has a great store in Baltimore’s new Harbour East neighbourhood, an area that magically appeared while I was living abroad, and which used to be filled with run-down warehouses and docks. It’s now filled with wonderful shops and fabulous restaurants. Patrick’s shop is stocked with gorgeous things and it was such fun to have a quiet wander around looking at everything.

PS 010 beautiful settings

PS 005 incredible artwork and furniture

PS 012PS 002 stellar objets d’art scattered throughout the shop

PS 016 brilliant orange ribbons decorating slate grey boxes

PS 027 PS 020

comfortable chairs perfect for lazy afternoons

PS 036 PS 021

elegant chairs with graceful lines

PS 035 tasteful trinkets tossed about

I think that Patrick’s shop is one of my new favourite places!PS 037 I hope that you will take a few moments to look at Patrick’s website and his work. He’s an incredible talent. Just click on the image above.


  1. Meg! I can't find those necklaces on the shop site, and I neeeeeed them. I will look just like Mary McDonald if I have them, I'm sure of it.

  2. His portfolio is indeed very impressive.

  3. What a wonderful talent. I looked at the pictures on his site and the problem is...if I could afford his talent...there wasn't a single space (except maybe the Mediterranean style) that I wouldn't love to live in. His work is so tasteful and beautiful. I will have to visit his shop next time I go downtown.

    This is why I read your blog, Meg. You always introduce us to the most incredible places and people. Thanks for always showing Baltimore in such great light. We usually get such bad press.

  4. I am dying for one of those boxes with the camel on the lid! So great! Thanks Meg!!!

  5. I'll take that gorgeous little house in the Bahamas!! Sigh.

  6. There is something very real and liveable in Patrick Sutton's designs and the pieces that he chooses, which have a timeless quality and appeal for me. I love the room that he did for the 2011 DC Design House. To me, it had a William Morris feel to it, which I loved. I like his lighting too -- always gorgeous! Someday I hope to visit his store... in the meantime, I do enjoy the website! Thanks for doing this post and showing us some of his treasures!

  7. p.s. Did you see this Patrick Sutton blog post on alamodeus? --



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