July 28, 2011

John Rosselli in Elle Decor On-Line

There’s a fabulous piece about the even more fabulous John Rosselli and his thoughts on collections and collecting in Elle Decor on-line. Click here to read it.john-rosselli-interior-design-ed0711-01I had the chance to meet Mr. Rosselli last fall when I was in NYC and attend a party for Alexa Hampton’s new book at the showroom. john-rosselli-interior-design-ed0711-03 The showrooms are filled to the brim with the most excellent specimen of each piece – the very best blue and white china, Alexa_007[2] the most beautiful antiques,Alexa_004[5] simply the tops of everything. 

Take a few minutes and read about this fascinating and charming man and his thoughts on collecting. There are some excellent suggestions! Here.


  1. John Rosselli is brilliant. He is an incredible talent, long appreciated by the Trade to provide unique decorative furnishings, both truly old and new-to-look-old.

  2. I remember when I lived in NYC in the 70's he had a shop on 72nd and 2nd Avenue. It was called "Limited Editions". It was just jammed packed with the most wonderful things. I stalked the windows more often than any other shop in the city.
    He is a genius!

  3. Listen. This guy is the best of the best. 22 or so years ago; I went to his 4 story store on the east river in New york. 4 stories. and there were dogs lounging around on all the furniture on all 4 stories!!! Great dogs!

    Great things.....never in my life...before have I seen so many things I LOVED. Everything ....ever single article down to the tiny boxes........I LOVED. I missed my plane back to California. It was worth it. When we built our house in California.....100%n of the light fixtures...John Rosselli...90% of the architectural details..(finials, etc). Everyone thinks our house is 100 years old. It is 10. John is the best....and he and Bunny.....ohdearlord! What a team!!!

  4. i LOVE the antique collection of china. If only I had a cabinet full of antique china vases :)


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