July 8, 2011

Brightside Barn Sale

My new friend Suzy has the best taste, so when she hosts a barn sale at her place, just north of the city, you know there will be lots of fun things on offer!

barn sale 001 Tole painted topiaries

barn sale 027 Jonathan Adler pillow covers

barn sale 015 Chinioserie lamps

barn sale 018 Cookbooks and a book ladder

barn sale 011 Nina Campbell cheetah print wall-paper – two rolls, plus some other papers (you can just see a peek of the cheetah)

barn sale 006 Two antique wood trunks – these will be a great restoration project.

barn sale 008 Framed Redoute –style prints

This is only a small part of what is for sale! If you’re in Baltimore, this is one not to miss. The link to the address is here. Here’s what’s not for sale:barn sale 024 What a doll!


  1. *** Wow, would I LOVE to be able to go to this!!! I must admit, tho, once I saw that PRECIOUS PUPPY I sort of forgot about everything else (but only for a few moments, of course!)... We have a new "baby" too~~~ sooooo darling, and sooooo much time & work & attention... but well worth it, huh?!?!?!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. I passed this on to my friend who lives nearby so she might be showing up. Like you, she moved recently.

  3. I love the puppy-definitely a keeper. Mary

  4. Brightside as in Brightside Road? That really is a beautiful area.

  5. Anon... yes, Brightside Road. One of the hidden secrets around here.

  6. My friend went and came away with a floor lamp and some pillows, among other things. She sent me photos of the houses. Wowza! Thanks for posting that sale.


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