July 26, 2011

The Atelier and The Chair

Well, I accomplished two things over the last day or so.  Over the weekend I had purchased a six-foot long Ikea table-top and legs and another shelf unit. I moved the table so it makes an L with the table that I already had. That gives me a huge work-space, so I can cut fabrics, lay things out, photograph items for the Etsy shop, and really spread out. chair 002 I need to work on the lighting situation for that room. There’s a ghastly center ceiling light, but I need more task lighting over the long table. I do have an old steel pendant lamp, which would really illuminate the space. I just have to figure out how to hang it. steel lampI also have a new chair (thanks Suzy!) for the workroom, but it just hasn’t made it upstairs yet. Since the floors and the house are so old, this room slopes downhill a bit, and I’ve almost missed the wheeled chair a few times as it’s rolled away! It’s a clear Louis Ghost Chair, and it will be perfect for the space!chair 005 I tucked the second set of shelves onto the corner, and it fits perfectly. Things are kind of junked on there right now, until I get it into better order. I had to move a couple of the embroidery hoops to make room.

I finally finished the chair this evening. I am not wild about it, but it will do for now… you know, not Mr. Right, but Mr. Right Now!  I made a shorter skirt with box pleats at each of the front corners. I didn’t have enough fabric to do it at the back corners, and since it’s open at the back, it was a bit busy. chair 006 The fabric needs to relax a little, and hopefully with time, it will! I like the legs painted cream rather than the dark brown that they were before. The hardest thing was matching up the print on each section of the chair and the skirt!

Here’s the chair in situ, along with the citrine silk curtains I hung in the guest room, and the ancient kilim rug. chair 009 Not that you can tell, but the walls in the guest room are the same pale blue as the first floor in my house.

Two more things to cross off my even expanding list! Whew!


  1. Meg you are getting so much done! I adore the chair and can picture one of your fab pillows on it!


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  2. That chair is sassy!!

  3. That chair looks great!! Can't wait to see everything on Friday!!

  4. Nice job on the chair. For sure, you are a girl who LOVES a project!!!

  5. the chair is great! it would look even better is the legs were painted glossy black or even a deep glossy blue - as they are now they don't look substantial enough to hold up that pattern - but what a great job you did!

    suzanne on st simons

  6. wow it looks really great, Meg! Good job. Hmm - can you wash the fabric to relax it and line dry it maybe? Definitely prefer the white legs.

  7. Since this is a private workspace, I would - horror of horrors - use the pendant light as a swag lamp. Wire the shade with a long cord (twisted flex if you can buy it economically, but white otherwise) and just plug it into an outlet and hang it with hooks to hold the shade at the desired height and keep the cord out of the way. In this case, it would be easy to take down out of the way if you were photographing something big for your Etsy store.

  8. you may have a new profession. i love this chair!!!! can't wait to see it finished.


  9. I like the chair. The fabric is current without looking like it is trying too hard. I think this chair could be used in lots of different situations. I have a challenge for you. Do you think you could figure out how to DIY an Irish Georgian mirror? I forgot that I really like them because I haven't seen one in so long. A lot of bloggers don't know what they are. Ann

  10. You did a fabulous job of matching that fabric! Brilliant cream legs....fab rug! Totally divine! and to "relax the fabric.....either use a steamer (if you have one) or washcloths soaked with hot water; wrung out....and laid on top of the fabric.....and on the sides....held against it.........long enough for the fabric to relax!

    I will post the name of the book I learned that from tomorrow! Husband asleep! I think "The Frenchwoman's bedroom" and it was used to "iron" linen sheets on the bed......wet hot washcloth....and stretch the cloth while damp. They look freshly ironed!

  11. Excuse me......???? an Irish Georgian mirror???????

    YIKES!! Who doesn't know what one is......and what do you want to DIY to it????

    A treasure indeed!!! Be careful! Please ask me!!

    My mother bought one from Sybill Connolly in 1961!!!



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