July 26, 2011

I’ll Take This… Wee Castle in Scotland

There’s nothing better than a personal-size castle! Not something massive like Windsor Castle, which covers vast numbers of acres, but a warm and cozy castle like this one… Teaninich Castle in the charmingly named Easter Ross, Scotland. easter ross1Here’s what the estate agents have to say about this castle:

Teaninich Castle is a handsome and impressive property with a symmetrical three storey frontage with hood molded windows, crenellated porch and small bartizans at the battlement wall head. The castle has been modernized to a good standard whilst retaining most of its original features. 

Dating from 1734, the castle was formerly the seat of the Munros of Teaninich, while in more recent times previous owners have included the American Charles Harrison, on whom the book Little Lord Fauntleroy was based.

While it’s currently run as a small country hotel, it can be converted back to a single family home. However, some of the interior spaces need a bit of an upgrade, as a few are quite dire:easter ross5 That’s pretty gawd-awful, and I can only hope that it’s the servants’ quarters, and that no paying guests ever have to lay their eyes on it. Here’s what they should be seeing instead:easter ross3 Not wild about the furniture or the carpeting (same as above, they must have gotten a great bargain on it!), but the arches and the staircase are just lovely. I think the niche on the right, with what looks like a sculpture of a stag in it, is fabulous.

This bedroom could be great, but I am curious about the curtains on the window on the left – there seems to be a chest of drawers in the window, and they’ve shortened the curtains quite a bit to accommodate it. Of course, the paintings on the wall are a bit small for the space, and look like they were picked up at a car boot sale. Hmmm… maybe I am not liking this place so much!easter ross6 Ah, but then I go outside again, and look at the old stone,  easter ross4the architecture, easter ross2 and the view over Cromarty Firth, easter ross7 and I reconsider.

Information about Teanninich Castle is here, where I found this little note tucked into a corner: Since the photographs were taken there has been considerable redecoration and some of the soft furnishings have been replaced.  Well, thank god for that! Seriously though, if you’re asking nearly £1 million for the property, you ought to have the most up-to-date pictures possible for your brochure. 


  1. I agree, it's a charming property, but the interiors are quite hideous, and getting that right would cost a great deal. A lovely project if you had time and money to spend. Hmm.

  2. Well you can sew and seem to have a great deal of fabulous fabric about.

    So I say we pack up the dogs and move on in.

    My GF is very handy, I'm a great cook and can do the flowers.

    It's got to be cooler then here.

    xo Jane

  3. It is a lovely property. The grounds fabulous. One million pounds or so asking not bad. The decoration would best be served be unloading at a car boot sale, or an estate sale. The English like such bad furniture, unless one has royal blood and money.

    I like you, would take this place.
    But I am otherwise engaged in the the south of France. But a flat in SW! would be ab fab for me!!!

  4. Oh, now I've completely gone off this place....

    In present day, the Teaninich Castle is a five star hotel. In 2007, Teaninich House sold off 10 acres (40,000 m2) of paddock land immediately behind the house onto which a Property Developer is currently installing 36 houses. Further developments are expected, potentially involving the selling off and cutting down of the remaining woodland to the rear and northeast border of the house and garden ground, thus bringing the already extensive housing estate closer to the property.

    Boo hoo. But forget it!

  5. *weeping softly into a tartan hankie*


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