July 4, 2011

List Check

I hope you had a great July 4th, regardless of where you were and how you spent it!

I had a list of 12 things I wanted to accomplish this weekend, but regretfully, I only managed to cross five of them off. But I didn’t lollygag around all weekend, I did a lot!

Friday, my two sisters, their husbands and my mum came for dinner. I still have not learned to light the grill (it’s charcoal with some sort of chimney-type thing) so I had to light the oven. Before everyone came over, I had made some pennants to brighten the back garden. July 4th 002 Dinner was a success, even though I had to cook the chicken in the oven. Hopefully by the time Easy & Elegant Life and Toad of To the Manner Born arrive for dinner on Wednesday, I will have mastered the grille!

Saturday was a wedding down on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. July 4th 012x Glorious day with a nice breeze blowing and a very happy bride and groom! The groom’s cake was so perfect – a bushel of crabs, complete with an ear of corn on the cob!July 4th 016 I managed to find the yardage of citrine Thai silk I’ve been looking for (I knew it was in the house somewhere!), and made curtains for the guest room. In addition, I also made my niece some curtains for her room.

For the 4th of July, I went to the annual parade on Federal Hill, which was such fun. It’s a small-town event in a big city, and this year, the Mayor of Baltimore was the Grand Marshall. Last year, it was the local butcher! July 4th 047There are games for the kids, and my little friend Will proved to be a cool one while doing the hula hoop.July 4th 067 Friend Len, a high-powered corporate lawyer, showed up in the most hilarious shoes!July 4th 068 Rose, the event’s organizer, was lovely as ever swathed in red and blue tulle and sporting numerous American flags on her vest.July 4th 069 Nolan and Michael were sharp in their seersucker shorts, perfect for a summer day!July 4th 055 We managed to make it through the fireworks displays without Connor or his pal Halas having a major meltdown. Connor’s preferred spot during these sorts of loud events seems to be on top of my head, although I am not sure exactly what that accomplishes.

Hope your weekend was as much fun as mine!


  1. Love seersucker!
    Our 4th was watermelon, fresh corn, thunderstorms and fireworks. Edward did not particularly care for those last two.

  2. Never underestimate ones desire to plop down on the top of your noggin. Same said craving cost me the cane bottom of a chaise this weekend.



  3. The pennants are fabulous! My mom used to make them from rolls of colored paper; I wish they had been fabric. But she did wrap the the line around a box and reused them. Neighbors, wanting to also be decorative, got some old vinyl ones from the gas station. It was the early 60s and I was appalled.

    And that Groom's Cake was great, too.

  4. Meg I'm glad your weekend and 4th were filled with productivity and fun. About those shoes LOL- my new son-in-law works for Proctor and Gamble and was instrumental in the marketing of some new Tide products, hence,the shoes as part of the campaign! Small world!

    So glad Connor faired well (or at least OK) through the fireworks.

  5. The pennants are fabulous! That Groom's Cake was great, too.

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  6. It is hoop dancing to respect a trademark thingy --i'm sure your high powered corporate lawyer friend would have a more technical term-- anyway, those hoops appear to be made from irrigation tubing. homemade and often filled with water or marbles for stability or sound effect. Many places on the web address the methods used to create such a fun and fitting item--often a growing cottage industry

  7. Seriously? Easy and Toad are coming to your house for dinner tomorrow? I can't imagine your not setting another place for Max, you have those 4 chairs....photos photos photos to follow, please.

  8. Such a quaint tradition you have over there in the Colonies. I do admire the hat and vest worn by your friend, Rose. My sister's name is Rose. She's NOT the one with the Mercedes, swimming pool and room for a pony. Coincidentally I have a similar red, white and blue ensemble made for me by my son Sheridan in his sewing class although my vest sports the Union Jack of course. Whenever I wear it I'm inspired to sing "Rule Britannia" at passers by. I think of my singing as a charitable contribution. I'm treating the lower classes to culture. As I've always said charity increases ones social standing but nothing says "upper class" like a funny hat. Just ask Princess Beatrice.


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