July 11, 2011

I am in the Fishbowl!

There’s a great new website called Baltimore Fishbowl which features a wide range of topics from culture to money & politics, from real estate and homes to schools. fishbowl logo Fishbowl’s publisher formerly published one of my favourite local magazines, Paper Doll, and so when I discovered Fishbowl, I was delighted.

The publisher, Suzy Dunn, interviewed me recently, and here’s the story. I hope you’ll take a few moments to read the interview and check out the rest of the site. It just launched in May.

The name, Baltimore Fishbowl, is an inside joke about how everyone in Baltimore has just two degrees of separation from everyone else. Suzy’s husband’s brother and my brother were best friends all through school!

Thanks, Suzy!


  1. Terrific!
    Of course yr an interior designer.
    I wish you lived closer and could fix me up.

  2. So true ... Smalltimore!! It is a small world, but you have to be from Baltimore to know just how small!
    The question is always : Where did you go to high school? I can't wait to check out the Fishbowl.

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