July 12, 2011

I’ll Take This… Sully Island, Wales

I used to see this little island when I would go to the monthly car-boot sale, sponsored by the Sully Rugby Club. I’d look out over the sea and Sully Island would come into view. I always had a soft spot for this particular “boot sale” as it was there that I bought my little chandelier… and for the hunky rugby players who directed you to a parking space. Sully at low tideNow I see that Sully Island is for sale. It’s actually pretty inexpensive – only £95,000, down from £1.25m only last year.  Of course, there are no buildings, no roads and no deepwater dock. In fact, the only way to get to the island is to walk across at low tide – and the tide in that area swings about 10 meters between high and low.Sully-for-sale Here’s what the estate agents have to say:

Home to an abundance of species of birdlife and fauna, and a highly regarded fishing spot, Sully Island is a beautiful and captivating feature of the South Wales coastline with its own chequered history dating back many hundreds of years.

From Romans and Vikings, to pirates and noblemen, all have used the island for their own purposes, foul or fair, and evidence of a burial mound and a hill fort, together with the timber skeleton of a wrecked vessel are visible on or around the island today. sully island copyIt is reputed before the First World War the son of the Marquis of Bute successfully cultivated a vineyard on the island to supply his father’s bottling plant in Castell Coch. Whilst the vineyard has long gone, it is believed that whoever owns the island retains the right to commission their very own postage stamps!sully mapWhat you can’t see on this map, but you can see in the image above it, are two other islands – Flat Holm, which was flat, and Steep Holm, which was steep!  There is a road running along the cliff and that was the road I drove going to work at the Castle.

Here are the details on the island, just in case you’ve got a spare £95,000 and a hankering for some solitude!


  1. I'll take that too! What an interesting story. I love the idea of my own little island, not to sure about not roads, plumbing, etc.

  2. That would be nice, to own an island. Especially since my mother's family came from Wales, way back, Rice or Rhys or even apRhys. Did you ever say what you were doing at that school? In Development? Are you working for a school in Balmore? We are waiting with bated breath for updates on the living room. You could try planting white pines along your chain link fence. They grow really really fast. Or, you could try some vines like climbing hydrangea. Ann

  3. Someone must be in severe financial trouble - down from UKL1.25 million to UKL95,000 - I am sure there are 'issues' with building a cute home on it but...Go for it Meg!


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