August 1, 2009

Chanel Flash Mob in London

When you think of a flash mob, you generally don’t think of a group of Chanel-clad ladies in pearls and LBDs. You think something more along the lines of this morning commute at London’s Liverpool Station. Chanel But in honour of the release of the movie “Coco Avant Chanel” in the UK on 31 July, the Queens of Vintage organized the Chanel Flash Mob at St. Pancras Station in London on Thursday.

The ladies didn’t get very mob-like, but I am sure it was lots of fun. chanel-flash-mob I would have gone if I’d been in London!


  1. Dear Pigtown-

    Wish I had been there!
    The girls looked pale--and so chic in black and white.

    Can't you just smell the Chanel No 5 in the air? Wonderful for a train station. Delicious.

  2. what a great idea!if it manifests in Baltimore let me know. have a great weekend. la

  3. Sounds like a trip to chicville to me...I'm climbing aboard!!!

  4. Note to self...need to move to a more interesting city!
    Thanks for the fantasy!

  5. Why aren't we doing fun things like this? WHY are we not doing fun things like this? Huh? Huhhuhhuh?


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