August 15, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

It takes me seven minutes to walk to Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore Orioles, a major league baseball team. Camden Yards is the first of the new old-style baseball stadiums, and was built on the site of Babe Ruth’s father’s tavern. On the eastern side of the stadium is an old warehouse which is 25 feet wide and a quarter-mile long. The architects wisely incorporated the old brick warehouse into the stadium design. ballgameOne of the other great things the city did was to site the football stadium right next to the baseball stadium, both in the downtown area, just blocks from the Inner Harbour. The two stadiums (stadii) share parking and other facilities. ballgame 004

As close as Camden Yards is, I don’t often get there for a game, not for lack of interest, but for lack of inertia. Last night, the Redhead and I went to a game, and what a game it was! The Orioles won 16-6, and one of our players hit for the cycle, only the fourth Oriole to do so.ballgame 012

Much to Connor’s consternation, there were the most amazing fireworks after the game – for about 15 minutes! They were just incredible and so close. ballgame 011 Some of the simplest summer pleasures are the best ones!


  1. The hubs and I watched last night's game on tv and we wished we were at the Yard! We're both baseball fanatics and we think Pie got a raw deal earlier this year. It was really exciting to see him hit for the cycle.
    Just wait until upper reserve seats go for $1 in September!

  2. What a great summer evening, and what is summer without a trip to a baseball game! And within walking distance, too! We would be there every night!

  3. I grew up in Charles Village (I think I told you that?) and in the Orioles' glory days - late 1970s, we would walk to old Memorial Stadium. I think I went to 40 games in 1979 - those were the days when we could decide at 6:30 to go to a game, walk 20-30 minutes to the stadium, and walk up to the ticket office and get swell seats!

    As wonderful and perfect as Camden Yards is, how I miss Memorial Stadium (and the Orioles who were always in the pennant race EVERY year)!


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