August 30, 2009

Books on Sunday: Magazines

I stopped in at the Book Thing this morning, and managed to pick up a couple of magazines, and some books. It was more crowded than usual and I didn’t feel like bothering with all of those people.

In the design section, I found a couple of House & Garden magazines. scan0127 They’re always fun to look through and I love reading Dominique Browning’s opening essay. {Click the link for some of Ms. Browning’s more recent writings.) scan0128 The three issues I picked are all from the summers, so as we prepare to enter September, they will be one last gasp.scan0129

I also picked up a copy of the Royal Oak Magazine. Royal Oak Foundation is the American branch of the National Trust in the UK. Since tax laws are very different in the UK (and having been a fundraiser both there and here in the States, believe me, I know this well!), Americans can’t make tax-deductible contributions to overseas charities, so many establish American branches. scan0130 The Royal Oak magazine has an article about Croome Court, one of their new acquisitions.

One of the books I found looks like it will be fascinating. It’s called In a Gilded Cage, From Heiress to Duchess, by Marian Fowler. Between 1870 and 1910, more than 100 American women married British nobles. Money for a title. This book is the story of six of these women, including Consuelo Vanderbilt. scan128

Finally, I found another one of Dee Hardie’s books, View from Thornhill. If anyone wants it, please let me know. I know that she’s still got loads of fans.

I forgot my bag of books to return, so next week will be large load.


  1. Oh how I do love those HG still lifes. I miss them still - and Browning's essays.

  2. Her essays are definitely the thing I miss most about House & Garden. Thanks for the link to Ms Brownings newer work!

  3. I still miss House and Garden.
    The covers alone were heart stopping.

  4. Oh, if you are looking for a new home for In a Gilded Cage after you read through it, do let me know!

  5. Jennifer... if you want the book, pop me an e-mail with your address.

  6. the HG years, and its return. The still lifes are beautiful. This is one collection of mags I can not touch to the recycle. la

  7. Ahhhhh, HG.
    And now Southern living?
    Thank God for design blogs as we can't really look to magazines for inspiration as there aren't many left :(

  8. PreppyP... I think Southern ACCENTS, not Southern Living (although I think the wrong one went under).

  9. I just finished scanning a ton of pics of Consuelo, because I wanted to write about her. WHAT a coinkydink.

  10. Thank you, thank you for the posts on Book Thing, they are so much fun to read and always send me in a new direction after a "new" intriguing book or subject :)

  11. That third H&G cover is taken from a spot on Capri where I had the most unbelievably delicious truffle ravioli decorated with nasturtium!

    Truth be told it was a little higher up the hill.....Fond memories of our escape from the permanently wet Ischia and a tremendous visit to Axel Munthe's villa.

    U.S. H&G is so much better a read than the UK edition but becoming increasingly hard to buy here.

  12. OTL... Unfortunately, the US version of H&G ceased publication about a year or more ago. That's why you can't find it. House Beautiful is still publishing though.

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