August 5, 2009

I'll Take This... Map (UPDATED)

**For downloadable copies of the Paris Map, click here for a PDF and jpg images, or here for 8x10 inch sections in jpg format.. You can get a massive file of the entire map in one piece here.

I was reading The Corinthian Column, a delightful blog out of Bangkok, and stumbled upon something I've been looking for for ages now. Apparently, the Conran Shop is selling copies of the Etienne Turgot Map of Paris, circa 1739. Unfortunately, it's currently unavailable on the US website. The 25 panels together measure 98 x 60 inches. You can also purchase it here as either three panels on fabric ($750) or here in the 25 folio pages ($60).I've seen copies of this framed in sections and hung as a cohesive large piece in many design magazines and blogs, and have always wanted to know where the map came from and what its origin was. The original map measures about eight feet wide by ten feet high, a scale that would not fit many houses. Here's a photo from Southern Accents magazine in 2008. Here it is in 20 identical frames from Apartment Therapy.
Because of the date of this map, it's no longer under copyright restrictions, and I found several resources which take each of the 20 sections and makes them available for downloading, here, here and here. If you use a program like Photoshop, you can resize them and even convert them into more of a sepia tone. If you're really talented, you could hand-colour some of the sections. There's also a page of the map on sale on Ebay right now.I will have to continue haunting the Conran website to see when it's available again... and then order it! Since writing this, I've found several other resources for the maps. See links above.

** For a download of the Turgot Plan de Paris, click on the Paris map in the right-hand column **


  1. Oh my goodness...I would so LOVE to own this -- even have a wall for it! I'll have to do some sleuthing. Thanks so much for this terrific post. ~Michelle

  2. Dear Pigtown-

    The PLAN TURGOT is a very wonderful post.

    I've seen these plans copied, and placed on a screen and varnished to look old.

    Interesting to note: occasionally I will meet French designers or historians or antique dealers who will proudly claim 'this building was on the PLAN TURGOT...which can be helpful for locating specific buildings that were actually there in 18th C. and visible on map.
    How wonderful that you came up with such helpful tips--on getting, on using, and on making.

  3. it is tempting- I have something of the sort a friend gave me years ago of ? and 2 pieces are now missing. damn. let us know if you get your hands on one. the first photograph makes it so so tempting.

  4. Yes thank you. I too find this so beautiful. My wheels have already started turning!

  5. Love the idea of breaking up a map into individual frames. This one is particularly beautiful and I never would have imagined copies could be obtained so easily. Thanks Meg!

  6. On the ceiling in a sepia tone in a bedroom. Since copyrights do not apply any longer, copy it larger to fit from wall to wall (painted a plain white, of course.)

  7. I wonder what an original would cost? Philip Burden is a map expert and dealer in Rickmansworth. I bet he'd know. He's written several books on maps including the heralded "Mapping of America".


  8. Hi Meg, I think I found the folio at for $60 plus shipping. I hope this is the right thing because I ordered it! I also have been searching a long time! Thanks so much for the post, Caron

  9. Pt. I want to thank Caron for letting us in on this. I snagged 2 this morning- I am going to use one in a client's house somewhere! thanks to you both. la

  10. What fun...I love the idea of framing each individual section.

  11. Dear P-D thanks for the mention! I saw your comments yesterday and only managed to reply to the other one, not the one about these map(s). Something to do with jet lag....

    This not helped much today by having to rise at four a.m. to take my brother and family to the airport, as they're off on a cruise around the Baltic, via Copenhagen, and including the obvious delights of Stockholm, and St Petersberg, and of course a visit or two to the Hermitage. Anyway, we're now playing the "laird", and the summer's in full swing, which is glorious.

    On my return from the airport Stirling Castle had a beautiful mist at the base of the rock, and the sun was rising behind it. I did have a camera, but was driving fast on the motorway, so missed that gem to show. But it's embedded on my memory!

    I will go and check out the Conran shop for the maps. They look terrific in the photos you've shown!

  12. Wonderful post, Meg - and a great find!


  13. I have been searching for a similar map of London with no luck. Any thoughts?

  14. Just an update - this portfolio is once again available at some places. But my portfolio and the ones I see online, have 25 sheets, not 20 like so many posts say. Dunno! Getting mine framed ASAP !


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