March 29, 2007

Top Design

I have mentioned that I only recently got a television (thanks, K&N), and that I don't have cable. I am house-sitting for K&N while they're sailing for two weeks, so last night I headed over there to play with the cats, check on the house and read the new catalogues. I was shuffling around the channels and came across Top Design on Bravo TV.

I've read a lot about it and seen loads of comments, so decided to watch and check out what it was all about. I also know everyone raves about Kelly Wearstler, but i just couldn't listen to her strange little voice. I love her designs, but the last couple of photos I've seen of her, with the wildly curly hair and the leg o' mutton sleeves, make me question her a bit.

I thought the young designers were rather obnoxious and pretentious. They all also seemed rude and spoiled and like they'd never make it in the real world. I am sure that they all have a lot of talent, but their self-centered attitudes left me cold. The episode that I saw, about redecorating a garage, may have had something to do with that. It seemed like they thought the job was beneath them. When you're just starting out, you can't be too picky about what commissions you accept. It's hard to start at the top... generally, you have to prove yourself and work your way up.

I think that these reality shows just reinforce the negative behaviour of the "me-centric" attitudes that are prevalent today. This show also reinforced the many reasons that I don't watch television - I can always find a more productive use of my time.

End of rant!

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  1. I'm fascinated by how Kelly Wearstler gets her hair into those tight little curls. That's all I can think when I see her!


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