April 1, 2007

T Style Magazines

This week's Sunday New York Times has the occasional T-Style Magazine which features travel, fashion, design and sport. The T-Style Travel section came out last week and featured a story about the Faroe Islands which I came to know when I lived in the UK.

This week's T-Style Design Magazine is full of wonderful design and style in both the advertising and editorial content. Although some of what is featured is just too out there for my tastes, there are also great ideas and suggestions that can be adapted to the masses. T-Style features designs from sources as diverse as Anthropologie to John Derien, from locales in Japan to Mexico City. From collecting mass market to curating art works, the magazine is an eduction in current design designers, and collectors. Much of the content of the magazine is available on their website, but you may have to register to view it. Of course, if you can find it at the news-stand, buy it! The adverts are worth the cost.

All images: The New York Times.