April 18, 2007

The Vintage Source

For ages now, my BFF Miss MA and I have been trying to get together and go to The Vintage Source in deepest Southern Maryland. It shouldn't be that hard to get together, but since VS is only open one weekend a month, it is hard. One weekend there was impending snow, another weekend I had a house calamity and then Miss MA jetted off to China to get her baby daughter... So, this weekend looks like it's finally time to make the 160-mile round-trip to check out the Vintage Source's treasures.
This weekend's trip will be extra special for a few reasons:
* I get to meet Miss MA's daughter for the first time.
* I get to see Miss MA!
* In addition to the usual treasures at VS, they are also having a flea market.
* They just cleared out a few barns in Pennsylvania and should have tons of great stuff.
* I get to give Miss MA the baby announcements I designed and printed for her.

I have mentioned that my 1880's rowhouse has about NO storage, so I am on the look out for some alternative and multi-tasking storage units. I've always wanted a Hoosier cabinet and have come close to winning one several times at auctions. If I see a nice one this weekend, you can be sure that there will be some sharp elbows flying. (Mine won't look so junky or have a bag of Doritos on it!)

Miss MA has gotten some great treasures from the Vintage Source for her cottage on the Chesapeake and now I am looking forward to finding some, too! I will let you know what I get.
All images: The Vintage Source

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