April 5, 2007

Sally Quinn on Design

This morning's Washington Post had a great article and interview with writer and Washington hostess, Sally Quinn. She was an Army brat and had some very interesting things to say about how her mother made a house into a home every time they moved postings.

Sally Quinn is very forward and frank in her tone about decorating, manners, and daily life. I've long been a fan of her writing. In today's article, she talks about what makes a house a home. All of the money in the world won't make the difference. It's all about the personal touches, the bits and pieces you've collected over the years that hold special memories and the pieces of fabric or paper that touch your heart. Her comments on houses that look like they've just come from a catalogue or furniture showroom are spot-on.
Sally Quinn has some great pieces of advice, including:
  • Everything doesn't need to match, but that the rooms should all look like they belong in the same house.
  • Two things that warm up a house and make it a home are family photos and books - and she means tons of books!
  • The high-low concept of covering a sofa in a cotton duck fabric, but having silk pillows with extravagant trimmings.
  • It's your home - it should reflect you, not your decorator. Make it yours.

Take a look at this article, along with the accompanying interactive media presentation on the Post's website, which may require registration.

Images: washington post


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the article! I remember the book she wrote a while back about entertaining- she mentioned that recipe "Johnny Marzetti" or something like that a lot!

  2. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

  3. I once read somewhere (and I can't remember where or who the quote was from but it wasn't Sally Quinn) that the things that bring life to a room are paintings, books, flowers, and plants.

    It always struck me as good advice.

  4. I can't agree more about books, I am a fanatic about them. Surround yourself with as many as you can, and it will make your home, whether modern or traditional, feel warm and inviting. BTW read as many as you can too.

    I have an article on my Blog called decorating with books, it will give some tips on ways to use them around the house.

  5. Also having read Sally's article, I agreed with her when she voiced dismay at those who "match" everything in their home. Eclectic design is appealing.

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