April 7, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope you have a lovely Easter.

Although the blossoms are on the trees here, we had a little snow this morning. EEK! It is supposed to by rather chilly on Easter, so there go the plans to wear some cute spring-y dress.

I chose this Easter image from an old scrapbook from the late 1800's that my father bought at an estate sale many years ago. He collected lithographs by Louis Prang, Boston-based printer, lithographer and inventor of the colour wheel. He learned to print by dying calico in his father's shop. He was known as the inventor of the Christmas card (and Easter cards, too!).

Prang also began the practice of making prints of famous paintings, using between eight and 32 seperate plates to make the print. Some of his original chromolighographs come up at auction on occasion. Prang also founded the Prang company of artists' supplies which is still in existance today.


  1. Happy Easter...it's flurrying here in NJ...not very springish!

  2. Snow on Easter, but not Christmas! Must have missed that global warming thing.


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