April 26, 2007

Pink and...

Over on Absolutely Beautiful Things, Anna from Australia is featuring great photos of all things pink and yellow. I love the colour pink, for all of its brightness and its cheer. It can sometimes act as a neutral if it is pale enough, or provide a huge pop of interest if it's bright and hot.
Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor, once said that pink was the navy blue of India. From buildings to clothing, the country is washed with many shades of pink. When I lived in the UK, which has a large Indian population, I made a point of visiting Indian shops and picked up a 20-foot long sari in the most lush pinks. I haven't a clue how to wrap it, and haven't figured out what to do with it, but love it all the same!

From the palest of blush pinks to the hottest of fuschia pinks, there is a shade for everyone and everything. Some pinks are more blue-based and others have more of a red tone. Still more, along the coral range have yellows along with the reds. Pink is flattering to most skin tones, which is a "good thing".

What's your favourite shade of pink? Why?

Click on the picture above for another view of Jamie Drake's Pink Kips Bay Room and others.


  1. I think I'm more of a blue girl :) So if I had to pick, the palest of pale pinks is my favorite, like almost cream. Is there a name for that color?

  2. I am sure that there are tons of names for the pale pink! It depends on who's doing the naming, like a paint company. I call it blush.

  3. My choice of pink varies drastically depending upon what i am using it for. As a red head, i like to wear soft mauvy-pinks, but i can't bear to decorate rooms with that hue too much, as they remind me of the 80's. I can't help but drool over fuchsia-colored velvet couches and sofas. As a consultant, i find that not too many people these days are willing to use a lot of pink in their spaces, although i've seen many high-end designers pair pink with brown for a sophisticated feeling that isn't too "girly"

  4. I think I prefer coral pinks (and coral reds too). It's a warm shade that provides a little sizzle to a room!

  5. Fairfax,
    Love this post. Also, on another subject, I noticed that over on "The POC" you asked about Marian McEvoy's affinity for shells. Several pages of her shell-encrusted apartment (and I mean a shell-encrusted apartment!!) are featured in the book Shell Chic. It seems she was very influenced by visits to European grottos. Hope that helps!


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