April 22, 2007

Day on the Bay

I left at the crack of dawn on Saturday to drive down to Compton, Maryland for the monthly sale at Vintage Source. I had been looking for additional storage, but didn't really find anything that would work. I did get a serving dish in Blue Willow and a sage cashmere & wool throw for those afternoon naps. I also got to meet my friend's new daughter from China, who is the cutest thing in the world! She's tiny, but is growing with proper nutrition.
We went to Miss MA's beach house in the blink-and-miss-it town of Scotland. The house was hit pretty hard in a fall hurricane last year, so we were checking on things. It was a perfect day - 70's, sunny and crystal clear. I wanted to share the pictures with you because they make me think of beaches and fun! Summer's just around the corner.
The dogs didn't seem to mind that that water's still pretty chilly.


  1. Looks great. I caught some rays at my beach yesterday. Beautiful day!

    Hey, e-mail me with your address - I have a cookie for your Cookie! Would you believe I had two of them? I thought it was only appropriate to give you one as the runner-up!

    thepreppyprincess at gmail.com

  2. Your finds sound like fun. The beach def. does (and seeing Miss MA's new girl!)


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