April 24, 2007

Adaptive Re-use

In my eternal quest for storage space in my little house, I am always looking for alternative uses for things. I found two great ottomans, which would be even better if their tops lifted off for storage. I have a serpentine front dresser from my mother where I store out-of-season shoes/boots and dinner linens (it's in the dining room.) Vintage luggage is used to store sweaters and scarves.
The piece I use for a desk is an old stainless steel commercial kitchen counter, which is about five feet long and three feet deep. It's got a shelf under it, which is a great place to rest my feet and for Connor to sleep while I am working. It also has a low backsplash to prevent things from falling off. It was the only piece of furniture I kept when I moved to Wales.
When we founded Second Chance about six years ago, we thought one of the ways we could enhance our services was providing examples of adaptive re-use of our salvage items. Old floors could be re-used as wall paneling... Clawfeet from bathtubs could be re-purposed as wall sconces for candles... An old fireplace surround (mantelpiece) used as a headboard... Beautiful old damask linen tablecloths are recut to make linen pillowcases... There are so many options as long as you open your mind.What can you re-imagine?


  1. Wow miss Fairfax just got back froma long weekend break and saw your great comment on my blog.Thank you!I love the post on your day on the bay it is so sunny and loved the re-use of old vintage things and making them into new things.We should do that more don't you think?xoxo D

  2. I used a large old wrought-iron sign frame (from an old store)as a headboard. The frame is somewhat ornate, with a fleur-de-lis on top, and I upholstered it with gray mohair. You're very clever with your ideas, Fairfax! Makes me look at things in a different light!


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