March 9, 2007

Happy Second Anniversary, Housewerks

In January, I did a post about my friends who run Housewerks. Every time I stop by there, they have the most amazing and ever-changing selection of artifacts. This weekend, they celebrate their second year of business - and it's been hugely successful!

They're having a party on Saturday, March 11 all day long, with drinks, snacks and 15% off all of their merchandise. They're also having a Chinese New Year of the Pig Party on Sunday evening, delayed a few weeks because of a snowstorm.

On my most recent visit, I got two rolls of vintage wallpaper, although I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. I thought I would whet your appetite by posting some of the goodies I recently saw over there.

Fireplace Insert

Canvas Adversting Poster 4' x 8'

The Final Frontier

A Collection of Cast Iron Columns

A marble sink and mirror with inset fleur de lis tiles.

Sketch for a chandelier

Tracey & Ben, all of my very best wishes for many more years of success!


  1. I might have to buy that sketch... I also want to try and post pix of the wallpaper I got, with which I am madly in love!

  2. Some very cool things will definitely be in touch with them, for some projects that we are currently working on, I especially like the old carnival poster!

  3. I love the space that Housewerks is in it is fabulous. Thanks for for the tip. Love this blog too. I have signed up for Lulu's newsletter


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