March 12, 2007

Vessel Sinks

I was looking at a house this weekend and the bathroom was lovely. It had a glass counter top with a glass vessel sink set into it. I kept thinking how pretty it was when the house was new and not in use, but how gunky it would get once you had toothpaste, and the other things that go down a bathroom sink drain. Is this only something you would have if you've got full-time cleaning help? Or do you scrub your sink every time you use it?

Now what about this one? It's re-using on old bureau to serve as the counter and mirror. I think the world of adaptive re-use, but would this be a little on the high side? I saw a lower long sideboard that would have been a good re-fit for the right kind of bathroom, and could accommodate two sinks, too!
Are these glass vessel sinks just an über-trend that screams 2007? Would you use one in your main bathroom? Or maybe just a powder room? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on this!


  1. I don't know how i feel about the clear glass vanities/sinks. Bathrooms are hard enough to keep clean as it is. On top of which where is one supposed to hide all their anti-cellulite cream and teeth whitener? Bathrooms always seem,to me, to be lacking in adequate storage. Then again maybe I could cut back on an eye cream or three.

  2. I don't think I could handle the glass sinks. I think I would obsess over toothpaste stains and stuff. I used to have a small, shiny chrome sink in a powder room, and I swear the dried water droplets just droze me crazy!

  3. I agree, not a huge fan of the vessel sink, I think its the bathroom equivalent of avocado green appliances of the 70's

  4. There is a clear bowl where I get my manicures and already it is showing scratching and wear. To me it's the equivalent of having an avocado and harvest gold kitchen. It will soon date.

  5. I have thought for five years that vessel sinks are faddish and in 10 years would scream their 7-year popularity time frame. However, I recently shopped a specialty bath store, and they were everywhere. There were quite a few on sale, so I was totally confused. Then out of the blue, there was one that was perfect for my new master remodel. My "timeless design" basic instincts screamed "bad choice" for a master, but the sink is fabulous, so now I am torn. I'm thinking of using it in the Powder room, where I can replace easier, if necessary. My gut feeling still says that vessels are trendy, and are in essence a "big salad bowl" on your countertop, taking up room from your lotion and eye cream, etc. I never thought I would like them, until I spotted the one that was perfect for my room, however. I think a partially "recessed vessel" with about 2-3 inches exposed above the counter is a good compromise. It gives a 'vessel look' without such a large basin taking up so much room on your counter.

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