March 28, 2007

French Blue

I love the colour of French Blue. It's sort of periwinkle crossed with Wedgwood blue. Perhaps even a cornflower blue. When I was looking for images to illustrate this article, it was clear that there are myriad ideas of what the colour actually looks like. Some things were very dark, some aquamarine, some very pale blues and others just a mid-range blue.

I just got the Carolyne Roehm Presentations e-mail this morning, and she's now doing wedding accessories, such as favours and gifts, wrappings and other yummy things. Her colour combinations are brilliant and include Navy and White, Silver and White, Lilac and Green and my favourite, French Blue and White.

Carolyn Roehm's site had some beautiful Limoges plates, rimmed in gold, and with a white linen napkin. Think of how stunning this would be with loads of crystal and silver!
Cath Kidston uses this colour in some of her fun oilcloths and in her furnishings. It's a classic colour, and works well with crisp white or a pale yellow. Think some of the Provencal prints.
Williams-Sonoma has the Kitchen-Aid MixMaster in a lovely blue that they call cornflower. I would love to have this (just to have on the counter, it's not like I'd actually USE it or anything).

I think that French Blue is just a perfect colour for the spring and into the summer.


  1. These are lovely. The old Volvo 240 (I think) from the early nineties was the most perfect French blue. I always noticed that when I saw it. The other day I was wondering where I thought to call if French blue, if it was something I hallucinated. Must have picked it up in Seventeen magazine or something!

  2. My Volvos have always been either teal or maroon. The current one is teal. I know what colour you mean. They had some hideous ones in the early 70's.

  3. Lovely color! So soothing. I really liked all of Carolyne Roehm's tablesettings too!

  4. Mmmm... I adore blue. The colour of the ocean, sky, and my love's eyes. Beautiful collection...


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