March 8, 2007

Source Perrier

When I moved back to the US, I was staying with my friend K, the Queen of Catalogues, and found the Source Perrier catalogue. It is full of wonderful home ideas and beautiful things for inside and out. There was a quote in the catalogue by Thomas Jefferson, architect and US President that I fell in love with (see right sidebar).

But when I went to retrieve the catalogue, it was gone with the recycling. I hunted around around and found the e-mail address for Anita Taburzi, the Design Director for SP, and she very kindly e-mailed me the quote. She is the design talent behind the SP catalogue and she's got a terrific eye. Take a look and see if you agree.

Yesterday, I came home from a snowy walk with Connor to find the newest SP catalogue and fell madly in love with a number of things in it! I adore dots of any kind and found this great bedlinen set, which I now have my eyes on... I love this set because you could pick any of the dots and create a look around the specific colour.

When I was in the UK, I worked on a project in Paris, which required me to fly over there every couple of weeks for a couple of months (lucky me!). I got to know the city and some of the arrondissements that tourists and casual visitors don't see. The SP had these two wonderful framed maps of Paris and Rome that had the most unusual framing. The maps are sandwiched between two pieces of glass, so the wall colour shows through.

Anita Tiburzi is credited with introducing the coral theme to decorating with this wonderful beaded coral fan pillow. The story is that she had found these and ordered about 25 for the catalogue, but they sold out the original lot and again, thousands of times over. I love the colour, which is a warmer, softer version of the usual red.

Everyone's been talking about swirly and curly garden chairs, and SP has a fun set, light and airy, and with a pillow popped on the seat, perfect for sitting in the garden and reading Jane Austen or a trashy gossip magazine.

Images: Source Perrier


  1. Oh, I hope I get mine soon! I do love that catalogue; such pretty things. I also like the dotted linen!

  2. I adore the dotted linen and of course the coral pillow. Lovely things :-)

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