March 22, 2007

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. More than one billion people, or about 20% of the world's population, lack access to fresh water, and more than 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation. Regardless of who or where we are, most of us do not drink enough water. Even though we carry around bottles of water, we should be drinking about 8 oz. of water for every waking hour. Our brains are about 85% water, so lack of hydration correlates to lack of brain power.
There are so many waters available on the market these days, and the bottles are becoming increasingly more attractive. The water that I prefer is from Wales (go figure!), but I was a fan of it before I moved there. It's called Ty Nant, and comes in a cobalt blue bottle with lightly carbonated water. (The "y" should have a little carat symbol over it, but I can't get the computer to do that.) Their iconic blue bottle also comes in red, but I think it's ghastly.

I have just discovered that the local Target carries the still Ty Nant water in six packs in the most incredible organic carved ice-shaped bottle. It's won a ton of design awards and was designed by Ross Lovegrove. Your fingers curve around the shapes and it holds in your hand wonderfully. I like my water at just above freezing, so the ice shards inside the bottle are stunning.
I have to put a post-script in here: I am not a huge advocate of drinking bottled water. However, the water in my house is a little off-tasting. After some other major home disasters, including carbon monoxide poisoning, I am not taking any chances with drinking lots of water from my 100+ year (lead?) old pipes. That said, Baltimore's municipal water always ranks very high on the taste tests. Now, what's your water?


  1. Good old Atlanta tap water! Perhaps I shouldn't admit that! I love that Ty Nant bottle, though.

  2. I love that Ty Nant bottle, too, as well as the blue one. I get too much guilt using bottled water all the time, even with recycling.

  3. Here in Texas, I recycle my beloved blue Ty Nant bottles by filling them with fine Houston tap water. They look suave in the fridge.

    When I accumulate enough "found" Ty Nant bottles I will make a good 'ol Southern bottle tree in my garden.

    --Aunt Raven


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