March 6, 2007

David Linley

David Linley, the son of Princess Margaret and the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II, is also a noted cabinetmaker, with shops in the Pimlico Road and Mayfair sections of London. He also runs a small interior design section with clients around the world.
Several years ago, at the architectural antiques and salvage group I helped found, we worked with one of his people to supply chestnut beams for a job they were working on in New York.
It is said that Linley pieces are the antiques of the future. His current lines include:
  • Linley Classics, reinterpreting classical styles
  • New Classics, pushing the boundaries of tradition while simplifying lines
  • Salon, light, elegant and refined.
  • St. Petersburg, with its echoes of Tsarist Russian furniture,
  • Attica, reflecting Greek antiquities
  • Helix, inspired by Danish modern furniture
  • Lizard, with its "floating" look in Madagascar ebony

Linley also does upholstered pieces, larger furnishings and bespoke pieces. Their small collections of picture frames, vases, cases, tableware and much more are stunning, and are mostly inlaid wood, which makes them all the more amazing. They also have a line of fragrances. David Linley has also written three books on furniture and furnishings.

Linley's website does have a catalogue, and will ship to the US, but be warned, nothing is inexpensive. However, anything you purchase will become an instant classic.

images: Linley


  1. So true- his pieces are instant classics! I'm sure they are well worth the price; I just haven't bitten the bullet yet!

  2. Interesting post, appreciate the details and links.

  3. I guess he was the lucky one in that family who inherited all the brain cells.


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