March 1, 2007

March On!

Can you believe that it's March already? In Baltimore, it's getting ready to rain for the next couple of days, but at least it's not snow or ice.

I need to begin thinking about things for the garden - such as it is - for the coming months. I bought some freesia bulbs, and if you've never smelled freesia, it's wonderful. It's peppery and sweet at the same time. I've chucked the bulbs into the fridge for a couple of weeks to mimic winter, and then will plant them in containers in the back 40 (which is in square feet, not acres!).
Last summer, I grew tomatoes, basil, mint and lots of geraniums, both in the front and back of the house. I tried to grow gourds, but they didn't work too well, as I don't have any dirt in the back yard, just cement. (I live in an 1880's townhouse in the center of the city.)

I have some fun furniture for the back. A couple of years ago, when I was a partner in an architectural antiques and salvage business, one of our pickers came by with some great little wrought iron chairs and table. My sister kept them for me while I was in the UK. I also picked up some wrought iron plant stands last year at yard sales and they work perfectly for smaller plants.

I feel like we're headed up to the final stretch until spring and summer. That said, I just read that two of the ten major snowstorms in Baltimore have been in March, including a rare winter hurricane!

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  1. You must post pics of everything in bloom. I know it will be beautiful! I do love geraniums. Some people think they're old-fashioned, but I think they're GREAT!


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