January 22, 2007

Year of the PIG

Since this coming Chinese year is the year of the pig, and we're coming to you from lovely Pigtown, I thought I would take a minute to talk about the enduring good looks of Asian decor. Bloggers Style Court, Absolutely Beautiful Things and All the Best have recently posted some of their favourite Chinese-style rooms and furnishings, so now it's my turn.

When I moved into my house, my mother generously gave me some things she couldn't use in her new place. Among them is a lovely yellow silk four panel screen, which fit with just an inch to spare on my unused chimney breast. I purchased two pale yellow ottomans (ottomen?) piped in white from Target. Since I already had a yellow flowered sofa, it pulled the living room together.

When I look around the rest of my tiny house, I see Chinese influences everywhere, from the blue & white toile de Jouy bedspreads from my brother-in-law to the similar, but not identical duvet cover, to the similar but not identical shower curtain, to my growing collection of Willow-ware china in blue, green and red to the heirloom jade and gold ring I have (one of the only pieces of jewelry that didn't get stolen in my catastrophic robbery last month).

My best friend is adopting a daughter from China later this spring and I want to take a page from Style Court and Absolutely Beautiful Things and design the baby announcement, keeping the Chinoiserie theme.


  1. Hi Fairfax,
    First I really envy you for the opportunity to study at Sotheby's!

    Second, I was very sorry to hear you were robbed. Thanks for sharing your lovely screen above and your passion for chinoiserie.


  2. Toile de Jouy is French - very French.
    It has nothing to do with china at all. It was actually first created by an Irishman 100 years before it was made popular by the French courts.
    The first toile you feature is called Musee Tole Blue and features French children frolicking in the countryside.


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