January 18, 2007

John Derian Company - NYC

I was in New York a couple of weeks before Christmas and one of the places on my agenda to visit was John Derian Company. This amazing store specializes in decoupage, which is the art of cutting and pasting - something we all learned in first grade. It's not as easy as it looks and takes some amount of talent to make the items look professional.

JDC's plates, trays, glasses and other items feature old letters, prints and painting, all affixed the the back side of glass and then painted so you don't see the images from the back. They had some terrifically funny old letters, and some really gruesome images from old medical books. The incredible thing to remember is that each of the elements on these trays and vases is applied by hand!

John Derian also has an antiques/salvage store called Dry Goods, just down from the decoupage store with beautiful new and vintage linens, bedding, china and fun Morrocan poufs. If I didn't have about 12 other places on my agenda, I would have snagged something fun!


  1. Very nice site. Thanks for the feedback on my blog.

  2. French style, if only I hade kept one of the antique quilts I use to buy when I was a buyer for export!

  3. JD is good, but a trek across town to Kaas GlassWorks in the West Village, is well worth your while. A charming collection of images in a tiny, but perfect setting.


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