January 9, 2007

Belvedere Square

I am so delighted to see how lively Belvedere Square is again. After languishing for several years due to a horrible landlord, all, or almost all of the stores are open again, there are loads of people around and lots to do.

We went to try and have a very late supper at
Taste on Friday night and listen to some jazz, but they’d stopped serving, so sent us across the street to Zen West. I remember when it was Gators, and pretty ghastly, so was relieved to see how nice the space has become. As we were having dinner (about 11:30!), I was watching figures crossing the streets, fading in and out of the fog of the night.

On Saturday, some of us went to see Dreamgirls at the
Senator Theatre. Again, we had dinner at Zen West, as Egyptian Pizza was full. ZW was full of local families and people heading to the Senator. Dinner of a Portobello fajita was good and the prices are very reasonable.

I had a chance to wander around the shops at Bel Square before I met up with friends, and found some fun places to shop. The
House Downtown was great, with a French bent, but everything was too large scale for my small row house. I went to Atwaters and bought some cranberry-citrus-pecan bread, and later made a simple bread pudding out of some of it. I picked out a couple of books at Daedelus, but will go back and get them over the weekend.

The 7:30 showing of Dreamgirls was packed, and the Senator holds 900 people! I had heard that there was a long line for the matinee show.
It’s just wonderful to see the area hopping. Welcome back, Belvedere Square!!!

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