January 28, 2007

Interior Transformations

I was at one of my favourite places to buy books this afternoon and found a book called “Interior Transformations” by Ann Grafton. Ann is the Creative Director of Jane Churchill, part of the Colefax Group.
This book is a walk through of her remodeling and redecorating of her house on the dramatic coast of Cornwall, as well as many of the company’s other projects. This book is a primer of definitions, descriptions, questions and answers, all to do with design and decoration. It’s not a how-to book, rather a think-about-this book.
Although Jane Churchill is part of the Cowton & Tout group, their fabrics and interiors are, even though in the English country house vernacular, much lighter and brighter. They maintain the same sensibilities as others in the C&T group, including Colefax & Fowler, Manuel Canovas and Larsen.

Houses designed by Jane Churchill Interiors have the classic looks that endure for years and while modern, can’t be dated to a specific year by some trendy item or design element.
Ann’s house in Cornwall takes full advantage of the coastal light and the seaside atmospheres by being more casual and airy than a place in London. Yet it retains some of the same formalities.

I wish I had “Interior Transformations” when I had to begin decorating and furnishing my house from scratch (and I mean SCRATCH!!!) last year.

I love this photo... It reminds me of the loads of bone-handled silver knives and forks I shipped back from Wales. I've been wondering how to display them, since they're so lovely, and I think this is a good idea.

All photos from Interior Transformations.


  1. That is a lovely picture and a lovely way to display the knives. Can't wait to see pictures of your loads of bone-handled knives and forks. They're beautiful things.

  2. Julie... all the time I lived in the States, I only ever found one bone-handled fork. When I lived in Wales, I found knives and forks everywhere!

  3. This is a great book. Glad you found it!

  4. Oh no! Yet another book to add to my list!
    PS- Love your blog!


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