January 26, 2007

Friday Styles

A couple of days a week, I get New York Social Diary in my in-box. Most of the time I just glance at the photos, because I don't really have the time to look at them all. But on Fridays, I always link to it because they run a feature called NYSD House, a series of informal chats with some of the biggest names in interior design in New York, along with photos of their homes.
Over the past few months, they have featured Charlotte Moss, the Kip's Bay Designer Showhouse, everyone's favourite designer, Miles Redd and Baltimore native, Chris Coleman. The interviewers get the designers to speak candidly about their design philosophies, their starts in the business, and their own houses.
Some of the houses are neat as a pin, with no clutter and everything in perfect order. The items on the tables are carefully edited and curated.

Others homes are like mine – a bit lived in with the clutter of everyday life showing. Framed photographs of family and friends line the side tables, invitations rest on the desk and books are on the floor next to the bed and the sofa.
Occasionally, the NYSD House has an interview called “The Way They Live” which is a more in-depth look at the subject. The first interview was with Carolyne Roehm.
On Wednesdays, NYSD writes a Shopping Diary, which highlights some aspect of shopping in New York, or a new style that’s coming onto the radar screen.

Cruise through the New York Social Diary series and you’ll get some great ideas and inspiration!


  1. I get this in my "in box" too and always delete...not sure why I don't look at so a big THANKS for pointing out that there is something worthy of looking at over there! I love the first picture. Very serene!

  2. I think that this one is Sheila Bridges from Harlem. Her interview has stunning rooms.

  3. Hi Fairfax, I loved this apartment by Sheila Bridges. I too posted it on ABT a while back. So beautiful!! I was thrilled to see you post it too - great taste!!

    Thanks also for your very kind note on my blog the other day!! It was reassuring to see some very kind comments so thank you!!


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