January 31, 2007

A Touch of France

When I was in the UK, I worked on a project which took me to Paris every couple of weeks for a few months. One of my friends has an apartment on the Seine, just blocks from Notre Dame. It has high ceilings, tall windows and spacious rooms. It is also filled with the books, bowls and other decorative accessories from several generations. The place is a quintessential Paris apartment. I was so envious of this fabulous flat.

I think that French style is so classic and that most homes are enlivened by having a touch of France in them. Not only do they show that the home-owner has a worldly outlook, but that they have the knowledge to recognize a culture that's been exporting good taste around the world for hundreds of years.
In my own tiny house, I have a photograph of the Eiffel Tour I took one drizzly and cold weekend, some small Eiffel Towers in china and brass, a classic Toile de Jouy duvet cover and a collection of heavy French copper pots and pans and some old French apothecary china jars for cotton, eau de cologne and astringent. I think that if you looked at my house, you would see a French influence. (This is the remainder of my own copper collection.)
Unfortunately, all but the one above aren't my photos... I had taken thousands and they were on my laptop when it was stolen when my house was robbed last month. I am still heart-broken.


  1. I love the Eiffel Tower. It's such a great image. Your picture of it sounds wonderful. And you have copper pots and pans? Color me envious.

  2. Julie... I had tons and tons of copper pots and pans, molds, bowls etc. almost all from junk shops, thrift shops, etc. and the set from my parents from France. When I moved to the UK, I sold all but the french set at Second Chance. I heard that one person came in and bought the whole lot of them.

  3. I love copper pots and molds! Tres chic!(And I'm sorry about the robbery).

  4. Dear "Fairfax": You talk about the Eiffel Tower in such glowing terms. Perhaps you've been to the top??? ha, ha.

    -- Miss M.A.


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