January 14, 2007

Housewerks Salvage

Housewerks Salvage - Baltimore

Several years ago, when we were looking for a space to open Second Chance, we knew we wanted to be in the area bordering Russell Street. I spent a lot of time wandering around the area. One hot summer afternoon, I turned a corner and jammed on the brakes. There, in front of me, was the most wonderful building. It was Victorian Industrial, with a huge parking lot, and a big sharp fence around it.

Fast forward about six years, and now that wonderful building, which had once been owned by a friend's family's company, is now home to Housewerks Salvage. It's owned by two friends of mine, Tracey Clark and Ben Riddleberger, who were kind enough to host a going-away party for me when I moved to Wales.

Glazed terra cotta oxen head from a convent in New Jersey

Some of the Housewerks inventory

The building has lofty ceilings, and is painted the most lush mustard colour, with bright white woodwork. The top of the ceiling is ringed with windows and the woodwork is intricate. When the weather’s cool, you can sit by the fire and contemplate what you’re going to buy, or look through Tracey’s book on Baltimore Architecture.

Shoes at the feet of Jesus

Housewerks is full of the most amazing things, as both Ben and Tracey have a good eye for unusual pieces. They have a lot of religious items, including statuary, icons, baptismal fonts and more. Additionally, they have a well-curated collection of fireplace surrounds, mantel pieces, tiles and tubs.

I walked Connor over there this morning to say hi to Ben and Tracey and to take some photographs, and also to see what cool new stock they have. It’s like a huge treasure hunt in there.

Take a trip over there – it’s on the corner of Hamburg and Bayard Streets in Pigtown.


  1. Oh, I would love to spend an entire day in this place, fossicking around - one of my favourite pastimes!! Love your blog Fairfax. I will return often. I came over from the comment you left on Stylecourts blog today.


  2. Anna... This is an amazing place. I helped start another salvage place (www.secondchanceinc.org), but when I lived in Wales, it really changed in a way I didn't like, so I am not affiliated anymore.

  3. I love the Housewerks building! So great looking. They also have great stuff there.

  4. I am so excited that I have stumbled into your blog!!

  5. Having seen you comment over at the Baltimore Snacker, I've visited your blog but didn't realize you were involved with Second Chance. I've been meaning to go there and to Housewerks, mostly to browse.


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