January 25, 2007

Thursday Styles

On Thursdays, the New York Times and the Washington Post each have design sections included along with all of the politics, world news and stock listings. The Times used to only have a House & Garden section, but about a year or so, they split that to include a Fashion & Style section.

The F&S section includes a great column called "Critical Shopper" by Alex Kuczynski, who recently penned a book about her addiction to plastic surgery. There is also a rather funny column called "Online Shopper" about the trials and tribulations of ordering things on-line from Northern California.
The H&G section has such goodies as a slide show of the Currents column which provides great sources for everything from silk bedding at warehouse prices to duchesse satin curtains.There is also the Personal Shopper column which, today, has some beautiful Welsh wool blankets like ones I talked about in an earlier post. The most amazing section is the real estate listings for Manhattan, which are quite shocking.
The Washington Post hosts Home Front, an on-line chat from 11:00 to noon, EST with two of the writers in their Home section. You can search their extensive archives for specific topics. Annie and Jura are the source for such things as who can repair a torn Oriental Rug and the best design consignment stores. Much of this focuses on the greater Washington, DC area, down into Virginia and up to Northern Baltimore County and the Eastern Shore. However, the design gals are also great at suggesting colour and paint selections.
Both the New York Times and the Washington Post require you to subscribe, but that's free.

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