January 29, 2007

Ribbons & Bows

When I lived in the UK and had to go to meetings in London, I often ended up around Sloane Street. One of the best things about that location was the neighbours, including Peter Jones, The General Trading Company and my mecca, V.V.Rouleaux, a purveyor of ribbons, tassels and other passementerie. Unfortunately, they're not yet set up for e-commerce.
VVR has a veritable rainbow of ribbons in silk, satin, grosgrain and raffia. They have bows, feathers, beads and flowers. They have the makings for wreaths and hats. You can't help but find something awesome to take home with you.
I first learned about this lush store and other London shopping treasures from author and columnist, India Knight, in her book, The Shops. I will do something about some of these wonderful places at a later time.

VVR has just partnered with The Jockey Club to create a range of travel gear printed with colourful jockeys’ silks. They are just fabulous and will make you want to take a trip just to carry them with you.
If you happen to be in London in early March, Annabel Lewis, the founder/owner of V.V. Rouleaux is giving a talk at the Victoria & Albert Museum. There’s also a wine reception and book signing for the low, low price of £15 or $30. The event is listed as for members, but it’s a good reason to become a member of the V&A.


  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Wish I had know about that store on my last trip to London!

  3. I love beautiful ribbons - I have a whole draw filled with rolls of them for differend applications - trims on cushions and lampshades to decoration on gifts. Lovely images and I hope to get to that store in London one day!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lots of spelling mistakes in that comment I just placed - woops!! Sorry!

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