March 25, 2013

NYC: Day 2

When I booked my trip to NYC, I had some vague ideas of what I’d do with my spare time, but hadn’t filled in the spaces. I was delighted to get an invitation from the Architectural Digest’s Home Show to attend a “Marys and Mimosas” get-together at the show at Pier 94. As I headed up there, it began to snow a little, and I knew that a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa would be welcome!NYC2 (4)

I was a bit surprised not to find a drop of coffee there, but I dealt with that blow, and managed to scarf down a Mimosa or two. In addition, there were gorgeous little doughnuts from Baked by Butterfield in NYC. NYC2 (7)Their doughnuts are baked, not fried, and then the sugar on top is hand-caramelized.

I ran into some fellow bloggers, which was fun. I had seen Stacy from Quintessence the evening before at the lecture, and I met Marcy from Stylesson for the first time, although we’ve “known” each other through blogging. Marcy had been to the show before, so I tagged along with her to see what was going on.

One of the first things I saw was this amazing booth from LaCornue. NYC2 (11)

And seriously? How about this range? The ovens are just to the left of it on the back wall. imageTalk about sleek!

It was such fun to run into Virginia Newman Yocum from Pennoyer Newman at the show. I see her every year at the Ladew Garden Festival!Her booth was so festive – just like Easter was right around the corner with the ranunculus planted in the grass and all of the bunnies hopping around!

I love maps, so these huge metal ones caught my eye.

I am sure that it’s not inexpensive to get a booth at this show, so I had to admire the ingenuity of this group who’d painted sofas on their wall and then placed the pillows on little benches.

I loved the way these pitchers had been arranged to show the light and colour.

I loved these glass balls attached to a mirror. I am not sure I’d ever do something like that, but I liked the look.

Didn’t like the look of this though. Yes, they are men’s urinals in the shape of flowers. I don’t get it.

Although I’d missed Margaret Russell, editor of Architectural Digest, at the lecture the evening before, I did get a chance to see her at the AD Home Show, along with Nate Berkus.

Margaret interviewed Nate about the elements that make a home work and be comfortable. They’ve been friends for a long time, and it was fun to see how comfortable they were with each other. Nate will be doing a new TV show in the fall for one of the networks. The emphasis will be on quality not quickness.

After ogling more of the show,

I headed back to the hotel, checked out and then went to my next appointment. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow for that.


  1. oh LOVE that floating range. A La Cornue is really my ultimate kitchen fantasy -do you know how well they work? Probably amazing......but I'm just interested in how it looks -haha.

  2. loved the range with ovens on the back wall + the are wonderful. Also adored the ingenuity of the painted sofas. Lets hear it for creativity .

  3. Meg those maps are the coolest! The mimosas as well!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  4. The rabbits are fantastic. Just love David Sedaris' essay Jesus Shaves a video exits on you tube it is worth a listen.

  5. I adored spending some time with you! It was great to walk the show ~ you have a terrific 'eye' so it was fun to see what you would stop to look at. Loved hearing your stories about being on Nate's show too.

  6. I would never use one of those urinals. They look menacing.


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